20 ML plastic fine mist spray bottle. (20 E)


This is a small size 20 ML reusable, transparent plastic bottle for fine mist spraying, comes with an in-built lock.

Use to store : Face spraying, Hair spraying, Room fresheners, Aromatherapy, Perfume spray, Moisture spray, Indoor plant spraying, Gardening activities, Arts, Crafts, DIY activities and more! etc.

Pump 5-6 times initially : For the first use after filling the liquid, as the air is trapped inside, it might take some time to start pumping the liquid/lotion.

This bottle will help you : Travel light..!!
 For Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Train, Flight travel.
# For outdoor adventures like Driving, Camping, Cycling, Touring.
# For daily needs in Office, Home, College, School, Gym.
# For Pyjama parties, Weekend getaways, Long trips, Business trips.
# For experiments in Kitchen, Art & Crafts, room organizing, DIY activities, etc

Reusable : Refill as many times as you like.!

Quality : The bottle is strong and durable..

Convenient :  Extremely portable for any pocket or bag & TSA compliant..

Shipping : Bubble wrapped, card-boarded, DTDC’ed and sent with loads of love.!

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