100 ml tall design plastic fine mist spray bottle with lock on top (100 H)


This is a 100 ml fine mist spray bottle in tall design this transparent, empty, refillable and reusable plastic fine mist spray bottle is for multipurpose use.

- Simply open the neck of bottle by twisting and fill with suitable liquid, and start pumping.! Once over, simply refill again and use.
- Specially designed to store - Gardening liquids, Room fresheners, Car perfumes, Face sprays, Hair Sprays, Anti-microbial sprays for clothes, Skin Toners, Bath Colgnes, Camera lens cleaners, screen cleaners, Anti-insect sprays, Cleaning Liquids etc.
- Travel Friendly, can fit in any bag or pouch, Durable plastic body with an in-built lock to avoid accidental dispense.
- Mostly used for trips ranging around 30+ Days
- Travel friendly or for daily use at Gym, Airline/Train/Bus/Car/Bike Travel, Office, Home, Kitchen, Outdoors, camping, for pets, DIY activity.
- BPA free, Safe for Kids, Safe for Eatables and TSA approved (Allowed inside flight).
- Please pump for 5-6 times after filling the liquid so that the liquid can start coming out.& to Refill, simply open the neck of bottle and fill it with suitable liquid.
- Height = cm, Width = cm, weight = grams, Material = PET Plastic, Made in India Product.

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